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Sidewalk Taco

Sidewalk taco

This was our typical summer weekend. It started at Washington Commons, paused for tacos downstairs, strolled through the greenmarket and Prospect Park, and took a brief jag over to Bierkraft before ending at home with some black bean burgers, a bottle of fancy saison, and Roseanne reruns.

There was one thing, though. A neighbor gave me a taco.

There are no front yards to speak of in Brooklyn, but people improvise in the summer, spilling out on to stoops and concrete patios in front of buildings. Sometimes this is supremely annoying, as it was Sunday morning at 3 am when I was woken up by a hype man on a huge PA system for a party in front of someone’s building.

More often than not, though, summer offers a great way to meet neighbors. As we were walking home Saturday afternoon, a woman we’ve gotten to know a little bit was cooking under a small canopy in front of her building. She flagged us down and offered us a fried dumpling stuffed with tuna—in Belize it is traditionally shark—and with an onion/scotch bonnet pepper relish. AND a pulled chicken taco with a bright and very spicy citrus & cilantro salsa.

Amazing generosity and amazing food, just like that, just because it was summer and we live around the corner.

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