June 20, 2012
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I fully intended to write a number of things about my productive and emotionally charged weekend:

  • A culinary tour of Washington Ave.: homebrew, Rodenbach, & kimchi tacos
  • A restful and welcome escape to Governor’s Island with old friends
  • A Sunday spent bouncing between work and anxious anticipation of a large new project starting Monday
  • An unexpectedly heart-wrenching and difficult Father’s Day spent watching other dads with their kids, from my window.

And so on.

I forgot it all this evening when I got off the B train, walked two blocks on Park and saw Mags and Charlotte galloping to meet me, back from 11 days in Iowa. There is no greater feeling in life than seeing the people you love most after many days away. None. I can’t express it, but I know it’s true.

That moment, on a Tuesday night, is all I’ll ever remember about this weekend. Puzzles are underfoot again, wet laundry is back in the sink, and the apartment is full of happy noise. I’m home.


❧  ❧  ❧


P. S. OK, maybe I’ll remember two things about this weekend. Here’s a picture of the Occupy Wall Street yacht, a pirate ship, and the Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City.