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Austin Mueller

I was FaceTiming with Mom the other day, showing her some old photos from the shoebox. There was a set of photos I was curious about: Here’s Mom shortly after she earned her Master’s degree from the University of Iowa, … Continue reading

Opening the Shoebox

Still getting organized a bit over here. Recently, we found an old shoebox full of photos and negatives that I’d squirreled away from Mom’s basement many years ago. I was relieved to see it; I was worried I’d lost it … Continue reading

Negative Splits

Hello there! Let’s start summer. I ran the Brooklyn Half again last weekend. It was my slowest time yet because getting older but it was also the first time I felt I couldn’t have done any better. I ran the … Continue reading

What do you say?

Last Wednesday morning, sometime between the time I heard Charlotte say, “Mom, I’m ready for cereal!” and the time I came out to the living room, she had figured it out. Her election map, half colored in from the night … Continue reading

E. T.

There was a study recently which presented evidence that parents — American parents in particular — lead unhappier lives than their non-parental peers. It came to mind this morning as I was straining to convince Wilder not to put his … Continue reading

TV People

After months of hemming and hawing about whether we were “TV people,” the Olympics forced our hand. Charlotte and I went down to Best Buy on Saturday — somehow, this is still how you buy a TV, just like in … Continue reading

Lobsterfest VIII

Growing up, I was surrounded by family — I couldn’t escape family if I wanted to. Summer days were spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s and once a week I mowed Aunt Martha’s lawn next door. Cousins and aunts and uncles … Continue reading

Black & White

Lately, I’ve been taking the color out of my photos. With apps on my phone, I can re-create, if imperfectly, some of the analog tones I remember from Mr. Pink’s high school photography classes. The aesthetics of Ilford paper and … Continue reading


A vision for a different world tonight, something to counter the fear and loathing scrolling by on my screen, just pixels away. We’ve gotten to know our downstairs neighbors fairly well, a family of immigrants from Mali. They invited us … Continue reading

Monadnock Branch Trail

It’s a sign of my fossilization that I find trips exciting now because I can run in new and scenic places. Martha’s Vineyard: tidal estuaries! San Francisco: hills! So exotic. On these trips, I tend to skip the road running … Continue reading